Vía Orgánica Ecosystem Restoration Camp

Man Alone Media traveled to San Miguel De Allende, Mexico to capture this video for Via Organica, a ranch dedicated to helping the people of this region grow the organic movement world wide and create abundance for the local community. Vía Orgánica partnered with the Ecosystem Restoration Camp movement to be one of the pioneer restoration camp sites as a part of their mission to restore the planet, one camp at a time. Vía Orgánica, Organic Consumers Association and Ecosystem Restoration Camps have all benefited from this video and will use it to further their missions and engage more people to be active in future camps and the education of the potential of world wide restoration.


In this 6 part video series Man Alone Media traveled from farm to farm capturing the 'Pioneer Agroforestry Farm Tour Video Series" for Savanna Institute. With only one day spent on each farm we were able to capture these farmers stories in order to spread the awareness of large scale agroforestry practices. Savanna Insitute has used this series to educate their audience and take their mission to a whole new level with effective video and story telling.


As the rise of awareness surges, the food and farming communities and citizens call out for a healthier planet. The need to clarify the road forward is becoming more prevalent. The road to regeneration - the regenerative agriculture movement, is what some are calling our only hope. These are the kind of conversations that are sure to strike a regenerative light bulb in your hearts and minds.


We believe in a regenerative future. That's why creating content for the Tree-Range® Chicken brand is exactly what we want to be doing. We have been helping to create a brand around this product, this system and the regenerative revolution that surrounds this concept. Everything from graphic design to video production, photography and marketing has been created by us with a deep passion and commitment to the Regeneration Farms mission. This video shares their story and mission.


This video was created for the Living Hearth's, Open Hearth PDC. We captured interviews with participants on site, in studio and captured the essence of how impactful this course can be for the lives of participants. Living Hearth has used this video to successfully drive new students to their programs and events.


This video was created for Cannon Valley Grown as a part of their launch. Man Alone Media helped Cannon Valley Grown by designing their logo, building their web and social sites, creating their brand and language and helping to promote a successful launch. Most of this video was shot in one day, bouncing from farm to farm in the region. All completed only a few weeks ahead of their launch date. Their is nothing like helping a start up with all of their needs and whipping together a solid package just in the nick of time. With Cannon Valley Grown launched we continue to follow their story. A story where local farmers with deep values educate consumers about their products and find ways to support each other.


We believe in the power of music in our culture. Filmed during the Roots Recording Retreat, this video shows the importance of co-creating experiences where art meets the garden and people gain inspiration that can be passed down to the next generation. The Roots Recording Retreat is just a great setting to organically tell stories. This song was written and recorded in one day and both the song and video had no pre-planning and evolved throughout the course of the retreat. The end result, a testament to what can happen in one creative moment.


This video shows the essence of the Organic Compound, a homestead and space for creative regeneration. Friends and family have been gathering here for nearly a decade creating a thriving farm and support community. This video was captured over a span of two years and in it's 60 seconds of glory, just speaks for itself. Perfect for Instagram, perfect for getting the OGC audienced hyped about the #gardenlife and all things #homesteading.