Our Philosophy

Man Alone Media is invested in a healthy people and planet. When staring down the lens of our cameras all we can think about is how we are best serving our clients, so that they can better serve the world. We do this by being on the cutting edge of technology and by keeping one foot grounded in nature.


Behind the Lens

Man Alone Media is the work of Wil Crombie and the efforts of many amazing collaborators.


Wil Crombie specializes in Filmmaking, Design & Marketing.

Seeking projects that focus on healthy ecosystems and thriving communities. Wil has worked with organizations like Ecosystem Restoration Camps, Regeneration International, Savanna Institute, Organic Consumers Association, Main Street Project and Sea Shepherd. He continually looks forward to helping a new generation navigate itself through the digital realms and on the ground, telling powerful stories that return people to regenerative ways of thinking and community based living.


Want to know more?

We are excited to collaborate with you and hear about your amazing work. Please don't hesitate to reach out.