Our Philosophy

Man Alone Media is invested in a healthy people and planet. When staring down the lens of our cameras all we can think about is how does this best serve the future of humanity and the countless ways we influence the planet? How can our actions today create beauty and abundance in the future? Well, we know how to make films and as unsustainable as these modern tools can be, we capture the moments that may influence people to build thriving ecosystems or at least support those that are. We go out of our way to share your stories and with the help of our elders, our ancestors, our creative minds and with the support of all of creation Man Alone can tell your story!

Behind the lens...

Man Alone Media is the work of Wil Crombie and the efforts of many amazing collaborators.

Wil Crombie Man Alone Media

Wil Crombie


Wil Crombie specializes in Filmmaking, Design & Marketing.

His skills have taken him around the world and his capabilities have helped to further many individuals, business’, bands, projects and ideas. Wil has a passion for environmental and social justice. He seeks projects that benefit communities and the eco-system. Seeking that balance in his own life, Wil has been building a homestead since 2012 on his families land in southern MN. Wil looks forward to helping a new generation navigate itself through the digital realms and on the ground, in hopes to come out the other side happy with what we have created.

Want to know more?

We are excited to collaborate with you and hear about your amazing work. Please don't hesitate to reach out.